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No Holes Barred

Book 1: No Holes Barred
Book 2: No Hole Barred II
Book 3: The Awakening
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Book 5: Forbidden Desire

No Holes Barred: Book 5
ISBN# 1586089099
May 2006
New Concepts Publishing
Futuristic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Xander has grown dissatisfied with his life since the marriage of his best friend and cousin, Jicar. He decides to find a little entertainment through the No Holes Barred Network throughout space, dimension, and time. But the woman who emerges is reported to be his perfect match, but one who is so wrong for him.

Rhea was abandoned on a penal mining planet as a child with no clue as to her identity, and relegated to working the mines as a bond servant to survive. She craved the touch of one she has only seen in pictures, and she is finally scheduled to meet him at No Holes Barred. Little does she know this perfect specimen of man is going to turn her world on its axis.

Xander is shocked to find his perfect mate is the one woman he could never have, and is horrified by his attraction to her. Rhea is confused by Xander’s assistance that she is some queen, unless queens are working the silver mines and become bonded servants, so he calls her crazy. She also must complete her job in order to be free, but at what price?

Forbidden Desire is an interesting story of what awaits the reader in the stars. Rhea offered enough hope and desire to take a chance on changing her destiny. I loved the strength of her character and her ability to see the world through rose color glasses despite the bleak existence she led. I absolutely love the hero, Xander, and his inability to deny how the forbidden made him feel. Ms. Whiting offers a story that spans the galaxy through time.

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