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ISBN# (13)9780425241516/ (10)0425241513
May 3, 2011
Berkley Publishing Group
355 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Winnifred Crane hates being called by her first name almost as much as she hates the loss of her dead father’s art collection and her legacy. What she hates most of all is the thought that she may lose her independence, to be swept off to a boring marriage she has no say in. Upon making a wager with the Historical Society, she gambles her brains against her freedom. Will she finally be able to prove she deserves to be free?

Jason Cummings, Duke of Rayne, has settled into the notion of being a duke. Leaving behind the fun of his childhood, he is resigned to do What Comes Next. When his marital plans are disrupted by a tiny female scholar, he is disgruntled to say the least. When her nerve and passion for life begin to sweep all of his dull solid notions to the wayside, he tries valiantly to walk away from trouble, but keeps getting sucked back in.

Traveling Europe together in search of papers that will prove that Winn is the author of articles of historic merit, they stumble through hunger, poverty and questionable bathing situations. Even with the façade of marriage to add credence to their forced closeness, the two tumble into one misadventure after another. But will passion ignite and break through the barrier of blankets that separate them? Or is it something more than desire pulling them together?

Winn is so determined and scholarly, yet curious all at once that Jason is amazed to find all of her personality packed into such a small sparrow of a girl. His mind is stuck on what he is required to do, hers immovable from what she must do, that urgent levels of sexual tension build up before they realize they need to be together. A race variety story that, while being rich in historical references and setting, still manages to have characters with fresh and fun motivations that will leave readers both emphathizing and flipping quickly through pages to see what will happen next.

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