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April 2011
ISBN#: 9781608202973/9781608202980
MLR Press
457 Pages
M/M Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Stephen and Tom are deeply in love and comfortable with each other. Unfortunately, their comfortable relationship is about to be challenged by nothing they could have ever imagined.

Stephen is wealthy and heir to a legacy he is unaware of, and he is not the only one. His ignorance may be the downfall for him and Tom as they both come to realize there is more to the world than can be seen.

The dangerous legacy is more than Stephens alone. Many of the elite of Denver have been handed the legacy of a hoary circle, a door to the other side, left wide open. The other side is no longer willing to be idle and seeks retribution for the wrongs of their ancestors.

Finding Deaglan is an intricate tale of reaping what is sown. When many think the past is just that, they are forced to realize the past can easily become the present. George Seaton has a soul for the paranormal world. The attention to detail brings the reader right to the edge of the story and provides a front row seat into their dreams. Or is it their nightmares? That is for the reader to decide. This outstandingly detailed story offers a roller coaster ride for the senses. Your imagination is challenged by age old secrets that usually lead to legends. I highly recommend you enter the world of George Seaton and allow the author to entertain you.

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