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Book #3 in the Eldritch Legacy Series
ISBN#: 9781607375142
January 2010
Loose ID, LLC
250 Pages
BDSM, Paranormal
Rating: 3 Cups

Marissa grew up never knowing her mother or her mother’s side of the family. As a teenager she was rescued from her life of poverty and thrust into the land of the pampered. Never wanting to give up power she becomes the dominate mistress of Gareth a most intriguing man with secrets in his soul.

Devon has never fit in with his wealthy family and grew into a gawky man who lacks direction. That is until the day he meets the woman of his dreams, goth model Celeste.

Marissa, Gareth, Devon, and Celeste have always felt somewhat more familiar with each other despite the budding love/friendship of the two couples. There is more that ties them together and in one night of death and gore it will all become clear. Will they survive the revelation or will the truth destroy them all?

Fates Fulfilled is an intriguing story but I would recommend that the first two books of the series be read prior to this one. This is the only way to truly receive the full effect of this story. Marissa and Devon were outstanding characters and their relationship with Gareth and Celeste proved to be very interesting. The mystery of the killer in this story is concealed until the last moment which makes the story interesting to read. Fates Fulfilled is an intriguing read.

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