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Darkness Within

Book 1: Eternal Seduction
Book 2: Eternal Hearts

Darkness Within, Book 2
ISBN#: 9780982432112/9780982432136
June 2011
Dark Dreams Press
300 Pages
Dark Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Toni is ready to come home, and she has become the newest pawn in an elaborate game. Along the way, a man comes from the darkness and changes her life.

Drake has always lived alone in the darkness. Special abilities have always set him apart, but Toni is about to shed light onto his life.

The game of the ancients is once again starting, and the pawns are unaware they are even playing. Is it possible to win a game you are unwittingly playing? Toni, Drake, and their friends are all about to find out.

The Darkness Within is a fascinating chess game of the paranormal kind. Jennifer Turner is amazingly talented writer who appears to use a different voice for each installment in the series. I find the change refreshing for the fact the books are part of a series but in no way sound the same and offer a unique story and cast of characters. The world of Darkness Within is an elaborately created and enriching paranormal community; a veritable feast for the imagination. I highly recommend Eternal Hearts and the entire Darkness Within series.

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