Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# Unavailable
May 2009
Sugar and Spice Press
207 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Today is Chloe Bright’s birthday. It is turning out to be the worst; her roommate moves out in the middle of the night with the rent money, she lost her job and she finds out that she was adopted. Along with the news of her adoption she finds out she has a special power that usually means she will never have a one true love.

Chloe is still dreaming of a one true love but she is beginning to enjoy the road to discovery. Will the love be from the man she has lusted after in secret, the elf she finds irresistible or some other man waiting for her in the future be her one true love.

Chloe may have started her 29th year alone but she will encounter and gain many precious and powerful friends along the way. It will take all of them to keep Chloe alive and help her discover who and what she is while teaching her about the power of the fey.

Regina Riley is a truly talented writer who writes a captivating story. The chapter titles are a stroke of genius that had me looking forward to the title of the next chapter. This book is laugh aloud erotic and humorous story with so many captivating fantasy characters that enrich the story and provide the reader with plenty of dream material. Well worth reading until the turn of the last page.

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