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2011 Interview

ISBN: 9781426891618
May 2011
Carina Press
297 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Caution: This tale was previously published however it has gone through a major overhaul through Carina Press and the author.

A year ago, Margaret Simmons witnessed a horrific murder and ran knowing the killer was one step behind her. Changing her name to Megan Summers, she is now hiding in the small town of Victory Cove in a home that creaks and groans at every gust of wind and where the night is her friend.

Jake Grogan did not want to know anything about his biological parents until his sister convinced him to find out the truth. Now that he is in Victory Cove he is ready to face the past and find out why his parents did not want him.

Since she has been living in fear for a year, Megan is terrified of Jake when she meets him expecting he is the man who has come to kill her. When he sees the beautiful but strange woman standing in the house that belonged to his blood relatives, Jake figures she is a little bit wacky. Before long they find their lives are intertwined as Megan helps Jake find the truth and he helps her get through the long, cold nights. When it is time to confront his past and her demons, will their love outlast the evil and hatred that sent them running into each other’s arms?

When I read a suspenseful tale, a key element that makes a huge difference in how I rate this type of novel is the cadence of the writer’s voice. Ms. Miller has penned this book with a wicked tone that has the reader sensing each creak, groan, whisper, and chill that the character hears or feels. The overwhelming obstacles that both Jake and Megan must overcome almost seem insurmountable until we see the strength, determination, and courage they find in one another that makes the hurdles manageable. To top it off you get a ton of passionate foreplay that has you hanging on the edge of your seat as they dance around the topic of sex and commitment even as they race to save each other from either life altering facts or a madman who is on the hunt. This is a superbly written book that will grab you in the prologue and have you holding on until the very last page is turned.

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