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Supernatural Bonds Series

Book 1: Trace’s Psychic
Book 2: Storm’s Faeries
Book 3: Sophie’s Dragon
Book 4: Drui Claiming
Book 5: Dragon Mate
Book 6: Connor’s Wolf
Book 7: Demon Familiar
Book 8: Dragon Games
Book 9: Dragon Master
Book 10: Dylan's Witch

Supernatural Bonds, Book 10
ISBN# 9781419920233
April 2013
Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publishing
156 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Dylan is tired of the supernatural crap, but it keeps invading his life. If he gives into his need for the witch, he will only get into it deeper, so he is determined never to give in. Still, he is on a slippery slope, sliding fast.

Seraphine knows Dylan is her future, but he is also stubborn. Time and circumstances will bring him back quicker, but the sacrifice for both of them may be more than either can give.

Lucifer’s blade is on the street and in the hands of someone unafraid to use it. Dylan and Seraphine must work together to retrieve it. For Dylan, it is because he is tied to it. For Seraphine, it is because she is determined to sever the link between the man she loves and the demon’s tied to it. As with anything in dark magic, there is a price, one Seraphine is required to pay. Will she sacrifice it all? And can Dylan ask her to?

Come along for the ride and have an experience of a lifetime. I love the writing of Ms. Strong and Dylan’s Witch is no exception. The characters are vivid, magical and leave the reader wanting to live among them. I warn readers new to the Supernatural Bonds series–you will be left scrambling to find the rest of the series. I highly recommend the story of Dylan and Seraphine as well as the writing of Ms. Strong.

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