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Draven's Crossing Series
Book 1 - Temptestuous Crossings
Book 2 - Mind Games

Draven’s Crossing, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781936165681
November 2010
Purple Sword Publications
114 Pages
Paranormal, Erotic, Romance, Interracial
Rating: 4 Cups

Rose Andrews attends a seemingly innocent business meeting only to find herself the object of a predator’s eye. Matching wits with someone so calculating is ill advised at best, but insulting them is a big no no.

Draven is the mayor of his town and of utmost importance -- a direct descendent of Dracula. He is ensnared by the pretty Rose from the moment she caught his eye, but now is the worst time to discover his affinity for the delicate human.

Death lurks all around Draven’s Crossing, and it is all Draven can do to keep his people safe and worm his way into Rose’s good graces and heart. Unfortunately, there is someone else who has placed a target on the backs of Draven’s Crossing human citizens.

Selena Illyria writes a perfect installment to the Draven’s Crossing series. She strikes a delicate balance in creating a town in which both paranormal beings and humans reside side by side. I thought it was an excellent touch to have Draven not only be a vampire but also the mayor. The story has a solid plot that moves smoothly and allows the reader to enjoy the story with no hitches along the way. I recommend Draven’s Crossing: Tempestuous Crossings, which can be read as a stand-alone but will lead to curiosity regarding the rest of the series.

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