Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781454300656
June 2011
Red Rose Publishing
E Book
182 Pages
Mainstream Romance, Contemporary, IR/MC
Rating: 5 Cups

Dorian is awakened from his rejuvenating sleep by the feeling of another invading his home. Little does he know that the creature standing in his kitchen will change the colors of his world.

Cerita is an event planner and powerful woman. She is more than a match for the equally strong man with an irresistible pull.

Can two powerful individuals combine their powers and enhance the lives of the other? With more than one man on the heels of Cerita, both seeking revenge for very different reasons, it will take all of the pair's combined strengths to walk into their future together.

Dorian’s Mate is an excellent read. I thoroughly enjoyed the world of Ms. Stokes where every woman is strong and equally strong heroes come along and complete their world. The paranormal story is expertly written to paint a picture of a world where the reader wants to move in and take up residence. Dorian’s Mate and Y.L. Stokes has a reserved space on my TBR shelf, and I look forward to visiting her world over and over.

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