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ISBN# 9781611603316
October 2012
Whiskey Creek Press
Pages 352
Rating: 5 Cups

Madison Manning has a severe case of OCD, to the point it almost terrifies her to leave the house.

Jacki Blake works in landscaping and likes things to be accurate.

Roxy Hunter works cleaning rooms and has a problem balancing her checkbook. She lives with a troubled past.

Sunday Nelson is married to a man who enjoys using her as a punching bag. She longs to be out of his clutches.

Madison hates the anxiety that accompanies her OCD. Sometimes it causes her to worry, especially when it comes to her dear friends. Jacki feels a change in her life after meeting Elvira. On the other hand, Roxy’s past comes to haunt her following her uncle’s death. Sunday wants to be free from the abusive husband who she feels one day will end her life. Madison only hopes there is something she can do that will benefit each of them. All come together to free Sunday from the turmoil in which she lives, and to bring Roxy the closure she needs. She can only pray everything will work out for each of them.

Don’t Mess With Clear Lake Women is a poignant read. The ambience indeed carries the women to this quaint town that feels real. The ordeal Roxy encountered, many can relate; the same with Sunday’s storyline. There were many times this reader felt their sadness, joy, and frustration. Roxy’s mother is indeed a card. That, too, was so real, since so many mothers do not wish to accept the fact that things could be going on behind closed doors. Ms. Hadaway pens a story of love, loyalty, and betrayal between four friends who are much closer than sisters. She weaves a story that reaches into the heart.

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