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Immortal Dreams
Book 1: Divine Love
Book 2: Astral Love

Immortal Dreams, Book 1
June 2014
Soul Mate Publishing
280 Pages
Literature & Fiction, Coming of Age, Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Laney is your average high school senior preparing for prom and dodging persistent friends who want to be her date. She had no idea she was more than average and her destiny had already been foretold, but an abrupt introduction to the new boy in school gave her ideas about how she would like her future to be.

Jason is an immortal on a minor mission to make one mortal's dreams come true. All is good until he runs into the young woman who soon enchants him and becomes a part of his future.

Unfortunately, the destiny of Laney and Jason does not receive approval from some of the gods dissatisfied with their lot in immortality. The young couple will have to fight for their future together or risk both the mortal and immortal worlds and lose it all.

Divine Love is a beautiful love story with some twists thrown in. I love the idea all the immortal gods relying on one minor immortal and a half-breed with no idea of who she is. The storyline is sublime and flows at a perfect pace with every page anticipated more than the last. The world created by Ms. Averie is enchanting and left me enthralled with the characters and looking for the next book in the Immortal Dreams Series.

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