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Elemental Sister's Series
Book 1: Demon King's Desire
Book 2: Burdened by Desire

Elemental Sister's, Book 1
ISBN# 9781600888144
January 2013
Cobblestone Press
247 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

If Jenna is an Elemental, she has no clue. She is destined to be the rise or fall of the human race. Her quest leads her into the path of Malum, immortals who wish to use her for their own nefarious deeds. Lucas, a demon, rescues her. Not only a guardian of human kind, he is also the King of Demons.

Lucas has fought against the Malum since the death of those he loves. Now he finds the one woman fated to be his. She is mortal, or so he assumes. Above all else, he must protect the woman he loves and fight against the fall of humankind into the hands of evil demons wishing to conquer the world.

There is more to Jenna than first appears. He is determined to protect her at all costs for both him and the future of mortals and immortals. Lucas and Jenna will have to put it all on the line. But, since the face of evil is a familiar one, will Lucas be able to make the right choice?

The Demon King's Desire is a new slant on the age-old tale of demons. There is good and bad with demons just like every other immortal race, which is different than the demon being the usual enemy. I love Lucas and the other Guardians. The love and respect among this band of brothers is offered in a way that readers want to join the fight. Jenna is just the icing on the cake of this outstanding story. She is more than readers can ever imagine. The first perception is she is going to be a liability. But oh, no, this woman comes out kicking and uses her powers for the greater good. No boohoo for this magnificent character. She rolls with the punches and comes back for more. I am excited to read about the rest of the Elemental Sisters. Ms. Sheppard provides a solid foundation and introduction to a unique band of characters, with each one standing up to be counted. I highly recommend The Demon King's Desire for an enriching experience.

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