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ISBN# 978-0-557-09117-1
December 2009
Eden Angel Press/ - Lulu Press Inc.
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
Paperback/Trade Paperback
264 Pages
Time Travel/Historical Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Delilah Delacroix has found herself in dire need of money, even facing bankruptcy due to a philandering uncle. He had been very good to her but wasting money was his demon.

Captain James Stirling, or ‘Smiling Jim,’ wants a piece of Blackbeard’s map. He never imagined entering the cave would suddenly make him vanish. Finding Delilah was an added bonus.

Delilah has always dreamed of being a teacher, but after her Uncle Walt dies, having squandered all the money, she is in a huge hurt. Then she learns her husband is leaving her for a man. Suicide does pop into her mind but someone stops the deed. Delilah cannot believe a pirate saves her from killing herself. The man claims to be the pirate from the 1700’s. She is captivated by his mesmerizing gaze. Delilah sees him as a challenge. James wants the piece of Blackbeard’s map but the more time he spends with Delilah, he begins to desire her. Can they find the equal medium to keep them afloat or will their profound happiness be destroyed by time?

I always feel good after reading a good pirate book, and Delilah’s Pirate is a luxury read. There were some witty moments after Delilah and James met that enhanced the story. I love how Bren Yarbrough Bruhn cast robust characters, with outstanding dialogue that kept this story moving at a great pace. I adored the part about the zipper and steel teeth; not to mention the underwear and berries. Other cute moments, along the way, make this a superb read. Watching James discovering the present, very different from the past, and Delilah trying to help him, made this story quite entertaining. Great writing, intense moments, and a mixture of characters spinning a great yarn, do indeed produce a grand tale.

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