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ISBN# 978-1-311-78890-0
December 2, 2015
Dreamwarp Books
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294 Pages
Erotic, Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Lana is a cadet in a training mission which she hopes will lead to her qualifying for DEEP placement and assigned a mission in space. She wants to be alone; she wants to leave all the people who disappointed her and were never there for her back on earth. She was burned by an officer not long ago, after which she decided on two rules that will rule her life: no officers and no bondage. Being the only female in a unit that has a reputation for using sexual tactics to haze new recruits does not scare her; Lana believes she can handle anything that is thrown her way.

Catch has sworn off women after being hurt by another officer who he thought he meant something to. Lana immediately captures Catch’s attention; he quickly finds it hard to stay away from her even after Lana’s brother, his best friend, asks him to. He knows he should not get involved with Lana, not only because he is her commander and his best friend’s sister, but also because he knows he is not good enough for her.

The attraction becomes unbearable; forcing Catch and Lana to both act on their desires. They are forced to balance their intense attraction with their professional relationship while hiding their attraction from everyone, including Lana’s brother.

An incredibly hot, steamy book that has a strong romantic underlying. At first the attraction between Lana and Catch seems entirely physical, however very quickly it is revealed that they are both attracted to each other on an emotional level. By the end of the book I was screaming at both Lana and Catch wanting…needing them to finally admit how they feel about one another. I am not usually a fan of science fiction books, however this one contained very little science fiction in my opinion. Other than the fact that the story took place on a large space station with the goal of going into space on a mission there is little other science fiction involved.

This book contains light BDSM and scenes involving sex toys.

Reviewed by Heather
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