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ISBN # 9781939173171
March 2013
Crescent Moon Press
265 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Nathan is the harbinger of death. His only mission–to explain to those who have passed that they are dead and comfort them as much as possible. He is a spirit with the job to wait for death to occur, but this time he is unable to accept gracefully the death of the beautiful spirit of Juliana.

Juliana is having an especially bad day. She has been at death's door several times, and the day is young. The mysterious Nathan comes to the rescue and saves her each time. With Nathan, she feels safe and knows with him she would never suffer.

To save one, he risks the wrath of those who police the spirits ushering the living to the other side. In all the years, he has never been tempted to save one. Still, if there is one to risk punishment for, it is the pure spirit of Juliana. But is he preventing death or only delaying?

Death Lies Between Us is a true story of star crossed lovers. There is truly a seemingly insurmountable obstacle between those who would love. I love the sacrifices love requires, and how each character deals with them. Ms. Kessler writes a supremely beautiful story of loving against all odds.

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