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ISBN# 9781419944109
January 2013
Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publishing
237 Pages
Paranormal, Super-Plus Novel
Rating: 5 Cups

Jade has spent most of her life looking over her shoulder and locking her heart away from everyone. The death of her parents taught her that demons were bad, but she is finding she may have made a hasty decision.

The Demon Kind Damien has watched Jade for many years and the yearning is becoming more than he can deny. When danger visits her door he must decide whether to protect her, or his people.

The world has changed since the war between the paranormal and humans. It is time for the world to make another change or the war will visit once again. Damien and Jade are unlikely allies but are unable to deny the feelings for each other, though they are dooming themselves to a lifetime of heartache; or is there another way?

The witty repertoire among the characters makes Deadly Attraction a joy to read. I fell in love with Damien and found Jade to be his perfect match. The romance is sizzling and the love scenes sublime. I am so hoping to see more of the secondary characters and to find out how the paranormal and humans learn to live together. Ms. Fox provides the perfect ending to such a wonderful story. I highly recommend Deadly Attraction to all the paranormal enthusiast.

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