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ISBN# 9781595788832
November 2011
Liquid Silver Books
41 Pages
Strange Hollows, Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Niko is death, and for the most part no one likes to see him coming. If they are aware death is on their tail they run, which brings him to Main street of Strange Hallow, the town where outcasts can stay, and also home to the woman who would reshape his world.

Lyra has long since passed her expiration date, but she has no clue. She works in a paranormal community prepping the body for the final hoorah. Her new boss is as handsome as he is mysterious, but she is unable to resist.

Niko knows he must release Lyra as she should have been released many years ago. Little does he know there is a plan and the outcome will change his very existence.

Deadline is an exciting fantasy story with outstanding characters. The thought of a god taking the form of a car is original and makes for an attention grabbing opening. The ending will rip your soul out and knit it back together. The emotions in this story are strong and poignant. The reader actually feels sorry for death and thankful one would take on the task. I absolutely recommend Deadline and Ms. Bordeaux.

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