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ISBN# 978-1-61798-020-6
March 2012
Wild Child Publishing
194 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Jaxon Slater is on a mission to find a woman, but not just any woman. He needs to locate her before she is met with the same devastation that killed him.

Delpha knew Jason was not in the same league as her. When she finds herself pregnant, she never imagined the horrific events that would change her destiny in life.

Jason wants to wake from the dream that continues to bring back memories, good and bad. He is especially troubled when he recalls Delpha, an old girlfriend that practically ripped his heart from his chest. Her mother knew he was a bad from the start but Delpha saw something in Jason. His wildness caused him to lose his baby daughter, and Jason finds himself encumbered with trepidation and trials that surround him in purgatory. Unless he can find a way to be reunited with his daughter, he lost years ago, she will be completely gone forever, and that is something he does not wish to see.

Dark Side of Purgatory is a story filled with deep emotions, and visualizations that leave quite an impact on the reader. There were times that this reader was able to share in the sensations that Jason was enduring as he faced each obstacle that appeared in his pathway. There are many that can relate to the story, as I also feel will be able to perhaps reach out to those that might have a habit that is intensely hard to break. Linda Hadaway creates a remarkable read that should be shared by all. She instills a story that engages and pulls the reader deep into the head of those who are trapped, and desperately wish to be released from demons. Her extraordinary read permits the unforgettable characters to grasp hold of the audience.

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