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Dark Realm Series
Book 1 – Into the Darkness
Book 2 - Seduced by Darkness
Book 3 – Darkness Burning
Book 4 - Darkness Captured


Dark Realm Series, Book 4
ISBN #: 9780061498237
September 2010
Harper Collins
289 Pages
Fiction, Erotica, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Gabriella has agreed to act as an emissary between the shape shifters and vampires. She sees a master contained in a magical mirror that she is unable to resist and her greed will lead to her downfall.

Guntram Brandt has watched over Gabriella her entire life; keeping his feelings to himself -- always standing on the outside looking in. This time if he can get her back, he is going to bind her to him no matter her complaints, and he will make sure she never acts foolish again.

Within the demon realm, Gabriella has found demon master, and she is unsure if she could truly resist all he as to offer. Guntrum will do all he can to ensure that Gabriella makes the right choice and spends her lifetime with him.

Delilah Devlin delivers an erotic tale of good and evil elevated to a higher level. Darkness Captured sets the bar high and challenges the reader to resist her world. Gabriella is created as a heroine everyone can sympathize with. The best part is the demon she creates to challenge the reader to decide if they are strong enough to resist the ultimate temptation. The erotic scenes in this book are hotter than Hades and ten times more tempting. I dare you to resist!

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