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ISBN#: 9780857155450
71 Pages
Sci-Fi, Futuristic
Rating: 4 Cups

Vegan Captain Rorcan Darr is relaxing on an Earth ship at the end of a war where the two races came together to achieve victory. The lines once drawn clearly between Vegans and Earthers have blurred, but Rorcan knows after the first blush of victory, the sexy Earther Shay Winters will once again be off limits.

Shay Winters knows she only has one shot at spending time with the sexy Vegan Captain. Though she has never seen his face; his voice could never be forgotten.

Rorcan is sure his course in life is set because of his royal lineage. He has no idea one woman from his past is about to blow all his preconceived notions out of the water and rock his world.

Welcome to the world of the future. Unfortunately, the storyline of Dark Matter regarding segregation is a very real possibility, though the idea of a united Earth is a wonderful fairytale. The amazing and sensual love scenes set this story to sizzling, while the outstanding story of Shay and Rorcan’s actual meeting is especially moving. Dark Matter is a sensual yet moving story well worth the read.

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