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Darkest Book II
ISBN#: 9781936279036
February 2010
Amira Press
107 Pages
Paranormal, Vampire, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Avril Taylor has recently learned that there are monsters that go bump in the night. One of them makes her shiver with passion, but she knows that he is a womanizer and bad for her.

Aiston Aleksandrov thought he had a pretty good bead on life until Avril Taylor comes into his life and alters it beyond repair. All he and any vampire can do when faced with their viata amant, give in and hang on for the wild ride.

The Aleksandrov siblings are on a collision course with their destiny. With each one that finds their viata amant, they move one step closer and danger awaits around every corner.

S.K. Yule can write an erotic, action romance like no other. She provides an excellent mix of kicking butt scenes with erotic love scenes to sate a reader’s appetite. I found the characters intriguing, and the prankster Aiston provided just enough comedy relief to sweeten the deal. I highly recommend that you pick up Darkest Desires and give S.K. Yule a read, you will be thoroughly satisfied.

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