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Tides of Love

Book 1: Saving Connor
Book 2: Craving Owen

Tides of Love, Book 2
ISBN#: 1610348435
October 2011
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
224 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative, M/M, Fantasy, Menage a trois/Quatre
Rating: 4 Cups

Owen seeks to find his best friend who is missing from a trip to the desert. A mysterious storm transports him to an alternate universe that is beyond imagination.

Five sexy beings from different races, one on different sides of a species war now have one goal—keep their mate safe.

The separation of species is a result of a secret that is about to be revealed. Can the love of one man unite five men, and as a result, save a world from the evil determined to retain power and keep this universe segregated?

Craving Owen is an adventure of the imagination. Owen’s new world is unlike any other, and in it, a love without limitation. I must say Owen is a character the reader will envy. Craving Owen is a banquet for the senses that carries the reader away on the tides of their love. I highly recommend the world of Uli and the writing of Scarlet Hyacinth.

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