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ISBN: 9781604353228
May 2009
Red Rose Publishing
69 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Morgan Remington has been sent back to the past on a bogus mission. When he realizes he is to be sacrificed he is unable to see a way out until Adara Galbraith shows up.

Adara Galbraith is the lead assassin for the Galactic Order of Immortals. Her assignment is to enlist the cooperation of Morgan and eliminate the out of control Hunter for the Vampiric Council of Darkness (VCD).

The VCD is disbanded and Morgan is enlisted by the Galactic Order of Immortals. The only problem he has now is that Adara is his mate and neither is able to ignore the call to become Eternal Blood Mates. Their mating may be a little too late; the Hunter has arrived.

Cowboy of the Night is an interesting paranormal story. I loved how the female took control of the mating ritual. It was funny and exciting to see how much Morgan enjoyed Adara calling the shots in the bedroom. I found the tale an exciting read and would recommend it to a friend.

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