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Song of the Fallen, Book 1
ISBN: 9659151101
July 31, 2010
Guiltless Pleasure Publishing
Paperback / E-Book
$14.95 / $9.99
347 Pages
Fantasy, Gay / Slash / Yaoi / Power Games
Rating: 4 Cups

Centuries of living, and watching humans desecrate the land has only reinforced Ayden’s disgust over the entire race. His father had, once upon a time, tried to negotiate peace with humans, and paid the ultimate price, but Ayden has no such foolish fantasies.

Ruling a kingdom was to be only temporary for Freyrík, and his brother’s continued absence is starting to wear on him. Another Surge is nearly upon them, and it will be up to him whether thousands of lives are saved or lost.

Like their father, Ayden’s sister has no qualms about crossing over onto human lands, but this time her trespass does not go unnoticed, and they become prisoners to the Crown Prince of Farr. Freyrík is awestruck by the beauty of his elfin prisoner, but brute force and pain is not in his plans. He shows Ayden every kindness and consideration he can, and though Ayden knows Freyrík’s feelings are true, those of his people are not. Hatred, mistrust, and jealousy are powerful obstacles to overcome and not even one as loved and revered as Freyrík is immune to the laws of the kingdom.

To see a couple so diametrically opposed as Ayden and Freyrík makes it hard to imagine a positive outcome, but these two men are fierce warriors. They feel as passionately as they fight and though they are pulled into a situation where pain is the only given, somehow you still hope for the best. Bound by honor and duty, and yet brutally aware that their feelings for each other are bone deep, Ayden and Freyrík’s suffering is a tangible force. Their story is nowhere near over, and neither is the desire to know where their journey will take them next.

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