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ISBN#: 9780857151414
May 2010
327 Pages
Erotica, Older woman/Younger Man
Rating: 4 Cups

Scene of the Crime by Ashley Ladd

Robyn Cattrall has returned to the one place guaranteed to dredge up a past she would just as soon forget. She thinks she is losing her mind because she believes she watched the man from her past walk by, but he appears to have never aged.

Dade has spent an amazing night with the woman of his dreams. The next morning she gets up and runs from his bed; unsure what to make of it he can only hope that the memory of their sensual night will bring her back.

Robyn is mortified when she wakes up to a one night stand who looks just like her ex but better. Dade has no clue that the woman he spent a wonderful evening with is a woman from his past he was too young to remember.

Scene of the Crime is an amazing story that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Ashley Ladd has written a story about the past and what can happen when a woman stops running from her past. An excellent read I highly recommend.

Singapore Sizzle by K.S Augustin

Sophie has been divorced long enough but she is unsure that the annual Masked and Masquerade Ball is the way to test the dating pool. Unable to pass up the opportunity, she finds herself talking to a sexy mysterious man.

Adrian is unable to pass up the draw of a beautiful woman, and the woman standing across the room is heart stopping beautiful. When he gets her along she is more than he ever expected to find; his future?

Sophie is looking for a brief interlude; Adrian never believed that he would find his one and only at a ball that never produced a potential in all the years he has attended.

Singapore Sizzle is one hot story. If you are afraid of the heat, then this is one kitchen you should avoid. K.S Augustin writes a story to entice and excite that pulls the reader in and keeps them reading until the very end.

Melting Melinda by Mia Watts

Melinda is mortified by the less than honorable feelings she has for her best friend’s son. She has known and loved the man since he was a boy but recently the love she feels has changed.

Ethan has loved Melinda as a man since he was a teenager. Unsure about his reception, he has bided his time, but his patience has run out, and it is time to make her his.

Melinda is afraid of losing Karen who has been her friend and family for too many years to sacrifice. Torn between the woman who is her sister at heart and the man who has captured her heart, she feels the only thing it can lead to is complete disaster.

Wow! Melting Melinda is one story that should be at the top of every reader’s list. I was amazed by the powerful and explosive emotions that fairly leaped of the page. Mia Watts orchestrates a story so that the final climax leaves the reader with a huge smile on their face.

Lucky in Love by Catherine Chernow

Maddie “Lucky” Summers had innocent intentions when she took a welcoming basket over to her new neighbor, Mr. Conroy. One look at the man and all her good intentions were out the window.

Jake Conroy is floored but his unbelievable luck at having a woman such as Lucky living right next door. He thinks things are looking up until he gets to his new job and is introduced to the Customer Service Manager.

Maddie is shocked to say the least in meeting Jake again as the new head of advertising for the company she works for. The owner of the company is a traditional man and he, as well as her daughter, would only feel disgust for the age gap between Maddie and Jake. Is she willing to sacrifice everything she has worked for, or will she sacrifice the one man who she could see spending the rest of her life with?

Lucky in Love is a wonderful story about the joys of awakening love and the sacrifices that sometimes must be made. Catherine Chernow delivers an excellent romance. I found the characters realistic due to the amazing development Ms. Chernow brought to the reader. Lucky in Love is a wonderful love story that would serve as an interlude for a busy day.

Something Within Him by Elizabeth Coldwell

Kate’s unwritten rule -- no interns -- is about to fly out the window. A friend asks her to take on a friend of her son, and Kate is all ready to say no until she meets him.

Stephen is floored by the beautiful Kate and thankful that she took a chance and allowed him to intern for her. He thanks his lucky stars when he gets the opportunity to travel abroad with her all in the name of work, though he would like to call it something else.

Kate is amazed by the feelings Stephen invokes in her but is unable to take his attentions seriously. Stephen thinks Kate is the perfect woman for him and the spicy sexual encounters they have only prove it. Can they both get over the age hurdle and move on to forever?

Something Within Him is an extremely spicy love story a woman who know what she needs and a man who is willing to do anything to give it to her. I loved the story development and the means the author uses to introduce the reader to Kate’s world. Elizabeth Coldwell shares an erotic love story that it would be a shame to miss.

Something to Be Thankful For by Imari Jade

Julianne has been promoting bad boy Cameron Justice since he was a teenager. To her dismay, her somewhat motherly feelings for Cam have evolved into something out of her control.

Cameron has been waiting for years to get up the courage to tell Julianne how he feels. Apparently coming right out and saying is not going to get the job done.

Julianne thought she has been successful in turning away from Cam’s advances and keeping their relationship strictly professional until a potential fatal tragedy occurs and Cameron disappears. Now she must face how she really feels or risk losing Cameron as a client and a lover.

Imari Jade writes an enchanting tell that proves successful in writing about the stress that longing can put on a person. The feelings between Julianne and Cameron are tangible and heartbreakingly conveyed with an excellent voice of compassion. Something to Be Thankful For by Imari Jade is a love story of huge proportions and should be savored.

The stories in the Cougars and Cubs anthology tastefully but erotically answer the age old question of can an older woman love a younger man every bit as much as a younger woman can love an older man. I thoroughly enjoyed each story, and the combination of them all is awe inspiring and on the top of every readers list.

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