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ISBN#: 978-0-373-26709-5
May 2010
Worldwide Mystery (Harlequin)
Mass Market Paperback
253 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Jane Lanier is a P.I. in Portland. She used to be a reporter in Seattle. She is hardworking and determined to succeed in her profession.

Federico “Freddy the Whale” DeOrca is also ambitious, but his business is not always on the up and up. Someone is determined to curb his ambitions permanently.

Jane hurries from a no-show appointment to her office for a late evening client. She is attacked upon entering her office, and after disabling her attacker, she finds her client, Freddy the Whale, dead of a gunshot wound in the throat. She is determined to find out who killed him and to find a large amount of missing money, but becomes a target herself. Instead of scaring her off, she is now taking this personally.

I really enjoyed this mystery. The plot is intricate but at the same time easy to follow. The author provides plenty of clues but does not give the story away. The characters are realistic despite being a bit colorful. I would have liked a little bit more background on Jane, but the lack of information by no means detracted from the story. There is a nice twist at the end.

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