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ISBN#: 9781604356189
January 2010
Red Rose Publishing
242 Pages
Contemporary, Romantic Intrigue, Interracial
Rating: 4 Cups

Kayla Michaels has had quite a day. She is laid off as the manager of a bank by a weasel in a suit. She runs into the man of her dreams while leaving and, speechless, forgets to ask him his name.

Talbert “Tal” Reynolds has just acquired some additional branches for his bank. On his way to an appointment with Kay Michaels, the branch manager, he runs into the most intriguing woman. Although he fails to get her name; he knows her address from her providing it to the cab driver. He figures business first and then pleasure.

Kayla’s head is spinning. Not only is she not fired but her new boss wants to take her out to dinner. Both are unaware of the plot that is afoot behind their backs. Kayla may not get the opportunity to decide if she wants to become involved with her boss, because someone else has plans, and they do not include a future for Kayla and Tal.

Chances Are is an excellent suspense novel that leads the reader on a merry chase from the streets of our nation’s capital to the beaches of Cabo San Lucas. I loved the leading characters in this and hope that at some point in the future the author will explore the other characters of the story. I enjoyed visiting the world created by Laverne Thompson and would love another look into the fascinating lives. Chances Are is a keeper.

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