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Lifestyles Series
Book 1: Robert’s Story
Book 2: Carl’s Story
Book 3: Rick’s Story
Book 4: Chalan’s Story
Book 5: Aidans’ Story
Book 6: Luciano's Story

Life Styles Series, Book 4
ISBN#: 9781604357778
September 2010
Red Rose Publishing
40 Pages
BDSM/Fetish, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Amalee has a need to please her master and to always make him proud. Now if she can only convince him that she wants him to be her master for life.

Chalan is initially reluctant to take on the training of a new pony, but there is something about Amalee that draws him.

Despite the bumps along the track, Amalee and Chalan are finding their way together as trainer and pony. Unfortunately life is going to throw a few hurdles their way, and they need to decide if they will jump or run.

Chalan’s Story is a wonderful introduction into the world of pony play. It takes the master and makes him human. Chalan gives the reader a glimpse into the insecurities that masters must hide from the world. Kissa Starling delves into the joy, pain and pitfalls of giving your all to another and relying on them to catch you when you fall.

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