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Dangerous Creatures, Book 1
ISBN#: ISBN-10: 1505574501/ISBN-13: 978-1505574500/B00QLAK738
December 2014
Mandy Rosko
230 Pages
Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Jack lost his entire family all because he once trusted the wrong woman, or so he thinks. Now he has the woman under arrest and looks forward to turning her over for judgment.

Cindy thought Jack was dead, and is shocked to see him again, and that he was arresting her. Jack's hatred is more than Cindy can see or stand.

Jack and Cindy are two sides of history; if only they can see beyond the past long enough to discover what really happened. Cindy takes care to control her powers, but when it comes to Jack she will do what it takes to keep him safe even if it leads to her imprisonment or death.

A heart wrenching and heart stopping epic story of mammoth proportions. There are so many angles and emotions going on among the characters the reader can only hang on for the ride. Each individual character had their own charm despite the focus on the central characters. I found the ending rather abrupt, but it was the closing of this installment of the series. I enjoyed the writing of Ms. Rosko and was ensnared by the characters from the first page.

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