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Denton Family Legacy, Book 1
ISBN# 9781772337891
Evernight Publishing
136 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic, May/December, Rubenesque
Rating: 5 Cups

The Denton Family is the elite crime family who have a legacy each male is doomed to fall victim to ; they only love one woman and it is immediate and all consuming. The eldest son, Jacob, is a man who can whatever and whoever he wants be the only one he wants from the moment her saw her is Louisa ‘Lou’ Moore.

Lou hates the criminal world and does everything she can to resist her parents' attempts to set her up with a crime boss which would be to their advantage. She is determined to be her own woman, but Jacob Denton is determined she will be his. But will she be the only one?

Jacob will do whatever it takes to get Lou to look his way even deal with her family who is even shadier than his own family. Lou finds it hard to believe Jacob is willing to give up all others for her considering she is worlds away from the women in his past. Jacob can only see Louisa and his past is exactly that; in the past. When tragedy strikes will Lou use it as an excuse to turn away, or will she cling to the one man who has proven he loves her above all others?

The Denton Family is a contradictive one which offers a criminal element with a code and standard which may mean killing those who forget the code. Lou is a fascinating character because she is the very best of what her parents could produce, but she loves who can look at the worst of society and understand some things just have to be done for the betterment of all. In the beginning I was unsure if she was strong or weak because she was unable to stand against her parents, but dug in when it came to Jacob. She is the strangest mix of strength and weakness but it made the character all the more interesting. The writing was outstanding and left the reader wondering just how this two individuals could ever make it work. I am a fan of Ms. Crescent's writing but Broken Promise overshadows some of her best writing and is my new go to book when I need to see a love which shines even in the darkest places.

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