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December 4, 2015
Self Published
Website Unavailable
453 Pages
Romance, Erotica
Rating: 2 Cups

Daria is a psychologist who specializes in sexual relationships and just began working at a local clinic when she enters a beauty shop and learns one of their regulars is in the middle of an emotional breakdown after learning her husband was leaving it. It turns out her husband was having an affair with a young stripper because he was unsatisfied with their sex life. Daria tries to help the poor woman who is in such a bad state an ambulance is called twice and she is given sedation. Nothing helps, even after Daria tries talking to her, and eventually she dies after overdosing on medication and alcohol.

This event changes everything for Daria; she sets out on a quest to learn everything she can about why spouse’s cheat and how it can be prevented. When her colleague suggests that all affairs begin with a dissatisfaction for their current sex life, Daria initially thinks his theory is incorrect. However, when she finds evidence that her husband may be having an affair she decides to take her colleague’s theory seriously and sets out to spice up their sex life. Her journey leads her down a path that she never had any intentions of going on.

While the sex scenes in this book were well written, for me that was about the only thing well written in this book. I had issues with the entire book being based off the assumption that affairs only occur because one partner is dissatisfied with their sex life. Daria changes everything about herself (including plastic surgery) to become the perfect wife that she thinks her husband wants. While it makes sense to spice up one’s sex life if things become mundane, the assumption that a woman should change who she is to please her husband is not one that should be preached as the means to keep your marriage intact.

I found at times that Daria was exploring her sexuality under the premise of saving her marriage when in fact it was more about her own needs. Towards the end of the book her thoughts were anywhere but on her husband.

** Warning: this book contains graphic sex scenes including ones with anal sex, anal play, sex toys and multiple partners **

Reviewed by Heather
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