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Blood Series

Book 1: Blood Red
Book 2: Blood Rose
Book 3: Blood Deep
Book 4: Blood Wicked
Book 5: Blood Secret
Book 6: Blood Fire

Blood Series Book 4
ISBN: 9780758250940
March 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
352 Pages
Erotic; Historical Romance; Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

At one point in her life, Vivienne was the most sought after courtesan to grace London. Even as she tries to clean up her life and keep her torrid past as far from her daughter’s life as possible, something dreadful befalls her daughter, which makes Vivienne turn to a life of sex once again.

Heath is a vampire with a curse that does not allow him to sleep with a woman more than once. When, through a magical lake, he sees his missing brother with a woman, he goes in search of her even as he continues his search for the Succubus who is killing men.

Heath never expects to learn Vivienne is both the Succubus as well as the woman he saw in the mystical waters. When he unleashes her powerful desire, it starts a chain reaction that has him scrambling to help her. But others are just as determined to thwart his plans as an enemy with close ties to Vivienne enters Heath’s life once again and the Vampire council continues to try to destroy the beautiful Succubus. It will be up to Heath and Vivienne to try to stop both his enemy as well as the council even as they fight the desire they feel for each other knowing that to consummate their love again will mean bringing about the curse that will unleash the demon inside Heath waiting to destroy the world.

To read a Sharon Page book is to enjoy a world full of spice, adventure, love, and a fantastic tale that will overwhelm your senses. Blood Wicked contained all of the aforementioned items as well as so much more. I could feel the struggle Vivienne went through as she fought her desires, for not only Heath but also the feelings of inadequacy when she realizes she cannot help her daughter fight her illness. The emotional helplessness she continues to fight throughout the novel came through crystal clear, allowing us, as the readers, to get a real feeling for how Vivienne is as a person as well as a paranormal being. Add in the brutal battle Heath wages against the demon trying to break free and you have an exceptional book that will have you celebrating each triumph, aching at every poignant moment, raging during the heated exchanges, and rejoicing as Vivienne and Heath finally realize how much they love each other.

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