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Blood Series
Book 1 - Blood of a Werewolf
Book 2 - Blood Moon
Book 3 - Blood Lust
Book 4 - Bloodstone Heart

Blood Series Book 4
ISBN#: 1453800670
May 2010
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190 Pages
Fiction General, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Josh Brenner has a talent he despises. Until the night he realizes there are other beings which go bump in the night.

Melanie Harper has avoided people since the night she lost her parents and the ability to touch others without seeing more than what is on the surface.

Josh is on the run and lucky for him Melanie just may be able to help him. Their escape leads them to a small town and some special people who may have the answers. Unfortunately, their past may catch up to them before they can think of any future.

Josh and Melanie are two very dynamic characters perfect for each other. I found their story fascinating and a perfect mixture to the characters, which are the staple of the series. The action is amazing and the love is strong. Bloodstone Heart is a bright shiny example for the Blood Series and will make you a fan.

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