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Blood Series
Book 1 - Blood of a Werewolf
Book 2 - Blood Moon
Book 3 - Blood Lust
Book 4 - Bloodstone Heart

Blood Series Book 3
ISBN#: 1453800670
May 2010
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190 Pages
Fiction General, Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Darby O’Reilly is in love with a vampire prince, but their love is about to be tested. She will need to be strong to stand against all those who have lost faith in order to save the man of her dreams.

Devon has been drawn back home to save his cousin from a death never thought to be possible for vampires. Unfortunately, there is more of his past waiting for him, and it just may kill him.

Darby is devastated by the past Devon kept from her but still fights for their lives despite the apparent defection of the man she loves. When everyone else turns their back and loses faith, she will continue on because she must know the truth.

Blood Lust is a little disappointing for the subject is common and quite trite. I was disappointed in the idea that such a strong group of family and friends would so easily abandon one of their own so easily. It was difficult to buy the idea, the characters seem so shallow and this was the first time I felt completely floored by a storyline. Darby and Devon or the only characters in the supposable close family with any redeemable value, and I was left rather disappointed. It is good to read, as it is a chapter in a series, which is the only recommendation for reading the story.

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