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Department 57

Book 1: Cats Eyes
Book 2: Topaz Delirium
Book 3: Chemistry of Evil
Book 4: Treasure Laid Bare
Book 5: Jewel of the Dragon
Book 6: Liquid Crystal
Book 7: Crystal Captive
Book 8: Crystal Tides
Book 9: Bloody Crystal
Book 10: Griffin's Treaure

Department 57, Book 10
ISBN#: 9781611186390
October 2011
Loose I.D, LLC
182 Pages
Paranormal, Vampire, Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Rhodri is drawn home when the last of his family living back home passes and the estate lawyer tracks him down. Thinking he will have a quiet visit home, and a much needed vacation, he soon finds an intriguing woman at the local pub.

Cerys is a lone vampire working at the local pub, and trying to keep the creeps at bay. When a sexy vampire rescues her, she is unsure whether she should be insulted that he felt she needed assistance or hot because he is interested in more than a minute of her time.

Cerys is hesitant to spend any time with another of her kind after spending years listening to the dire warnings of her parents. There is more going on in the town of Llandudno than anyone could imagine. The lines between who they can trust are blurred so they rely on themselves to survive.

The passion of Bloody Crystal is amazing. The love between Rhodri and Cerys is meant to be, and watching it grow is fascinating. The writing is strong with the mystery entangled with the emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bloody Crystal and recommend readers give Lynne Connolly and Department 57 a read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Book 1: Cat’s Eyes
Book 2: Topaz Delirium
Book 3: Liquid Crystal
Book 4: Chemistry of Evil
Book 5: Crystal Captive
Book 6: Treasure Laid Bare
Book 7: Crystal Tides
Book 8: Jewel of the Dragon
Book 9: Griffin’s Treasure



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