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ISBN#: 9781608201150
October 2009
MLR Press
93 Pages
M/M, Erotic, Literary
Rating: 4 Cups

Big Diehl is leaving a place he never called home with a father who he feels no love for. He is ready to find his own way but after a journey to nowhere he ends up in Casper, Wyoming. With no other prospects on the horizon he enlists in the Army and along the way meets the family he never had.

Tony, Christine and Maddie are used to taking in waifs who are only passing through but Diehl will become so much more. He left for the Army but came back to them every chance he had with the thought that they were the only people he loved.

Diehl will travel the world but his heart will remain in Casper, Wyoming. Along the way he loves and loses many men who were special to him but as painful as that may be it teaches him what love is and it brings him back to the only place he calls home.

From the green fields of Laramie, Wyoming to the dusty desert of Baghdad, Big Diehl showcases the dramatic changes a soldier goes through in years of service. Most can never imagine the work in which they will enter when they commit to their country but once revealed it is up to the soldier to survive and adapt. A dramatic story of love lost, courage, respect and how the sexuality of a soldier has no bearing on their ability to be a leader. I thoroughly enjoyed Big Diehl and my visit to a realistic view of combat situations and I would recommend this book to readers interested in an insider view of war and true sacrifice.

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