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The Three Bears

Book 1: Baer Truth
Book 2: Baer Necessities
Book 3: Baer Facts

The Three Baers, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781612522203
Desert Breeze Publishing
156 Pages
Modern Cowboy/RomCom
Rating: 3 Cups

Jessie returns to her home town for a visit and discovers a potential archeological find. She also finds her high school crush but he fails to recognize who she is.

Connor is in search of water desperately needed by the Indians on the reservation. He is accosted by a blob of mud, falls down the mountain in a truck, and almost gets killed by a grizzly. Now he stands toe to toe with the little spitfire who caused it all and he is awed by her, but their goals are at direct odds.

Jessie and Connor are surrounded by others with their own agenda. In the end the battle over water and land will lead to anger, despair, revenge, betrayal, and love but in the end all will get exactly what they deserve.

Baer Necessities is a whirlwind of characters and events. A story filled with deceit, corruption, and animosity sure to stir every emotion in the reader from anger to love. Oak is a comedic and some may say drastic characterization of city modern meeting town conventional, small town. Boy does he provide moments of knee slapping laughter and violent anger. The story is at times difficult to follow with characters popping in with little to no introduction so I would suggest reading the series in order. There are more plots than you could shake a stick at and the reader will need to keep track to keep up.

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