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Hot Italian Nights, Book
ISBN#: 9780996095815
May 2014
Annie West
64 Pages
Erotic Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 5 Cups

Jenna met Fabrizio Armati and instantly fell in love. The discovery that he considers her nothing more than a mistress, unworthy of recognition, forces her to run to save her heart.

Fabrizio looked for Jenna everywhere and was mystified by her disappearance. He thought all was lost until the day he walks into a meeting with his rival and finds Jenna.

Jenna will never let Fabrizio break her heart again. Fabrizio will never let Jenna run. When the dust settles on the battle of wills, who will be the victor, and can anyone win the game of love?

Annie West writes a beautiful love story. The tension is just enough to keep the reader on the edge of their seat and unable to decide whose side to choose in the war of hearts. I found Fabrizio to be the sexy alpha confused by the mind of a woman, and Annie was tired of playing the games. The characters caught my attention right away, and both play on the reader’s sympathies and emotions. A wonderful read and an excellent introduction to the writing of Annie West.

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