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ISBN: 978-0-85715-472-9
February 21, 2011
Total-E-Bound Publishing
$ unavailable
115 Pages
Paranormal / Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Since her mother’s disappearance, Karis has become nearly sick with worry, and at night it is nearly unbearable. What were at first just bad dreams, have become terrifying nightmares that wake her shaken and frozen with fear.

Living as a Djinn was not his choice, but Vander honors his brotherhood and fulfills his duties. Others are not so agreeable, however, and if they succeed in upsetting the balance, Vander fears no one will be safe.

The feeling of being hunted and haunted is bleeding into Karis’s waking hours, and somehow through these nightmares, she knows that her mother is in grave danger. Trying to find some clue, Karis comes across a bottle in her mother’s things, and with that discovery, her world is turned on its head. Vander immediately knows his new master and what he must do to help her, but convincing her will be a monumental task. Karis is more than just another woman, but helping her fulfill her destiny could bind them in a way he forsook long ago.

If the only genie you have ever known was a bubble-headed blonde from the seventies you are in for a particularly scrumptious treat. Vander is a sculpted work of art come to life and is just as dignified and proud as he is gorgeous. The fun is in watching him coax Karis out of her shell, and though she gets in the way of her own progress, he still has her back. Their story is passionate and adventurous, and I am excited to read more of this Djinn Brotherhood.

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