Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9789615729395
May 2013
Eternal Press
106 Pages
Erotic, BDSM
Rating: 5 Cups

Mari is an accomplished young woman who appreciates a strong man, but is usually disappointed. What do you do with a stranger who knows your name and desires? Follow him home?

Robert has been watching from the first moment he laid eyes on her. He went to extreme measures to make a place of happiness for his special lady; now, if she would only agree to become his.

Robert is a sharp-dressed man with special desires. Mari is an accomplished woman with needs no man has satisfied. Can Robert be all she needs while she becomes everything he desires?

If you like your pleasure outside the box, then Aeyrie is the club for you. Once you step through the doors you will want to come back for repeat visits. Each floor of Aeyrie offers another level for the senses while raising the temperature from hot to blistering. The top floor is the closest to heaven while staying on earth. A Sharp-Dressed Man is more than a book; it is an experience.

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