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Secured Heart, The Complete Series
September 2011
Charity Parkerson
388 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Welcome to the world of Smith Security Services. Each member is family worthy of love even if they are unable to believe it for themselves.


Flower Calloway is on her way up in the fashion world thanks to the man who has been by her side since they met as awkward children. She hopes to find love, but when it comes, it is not quite packaged in the expected wrappings.

Bradley lives a life of secrets and is tired of the lies. He is ready to come out, but he is unsure if Flower will still be there for him when the truth is revealed

Flower is confused by the emotions two very different men create in her heart. One she barely met and the other she has loved forever. When the truth is revealed, all of their lives will be forever changed. Are they ready for the revelation?

The ending of Flower is shocking and beautiful. Flowers gives the reader hope that true love will prevail no matter how long it might take. Flowers gives a wonderful preview of the wonderful man Shannon.


Genie is an FBI agent and the job has become her life. Her partners are the men in her life, even if they are not her men. She is blindsided by one man who steps in to ease her pain and then stays to save her heart.

Shannon is a carefree ladies man who is ran over by the steamroller named Genie. Always the bachelor, his love for Genie sneaks up and grabs old before he realizes with their very first kiss.

Genie goes home with one, but finds, in the end, she has given her heart to another. The path to love for Genie hit a dead end until the right man stepped out of the darkness and into her life.

I absolutely love Shannon’s story. He was trying to be the good guy once again, but while he wasn’t looking, love snuck up and caught him unaware. The ending is a complete surprise, but Genie’s brother Jacob is a walking advertisement for a human jungle gym and Weave will break the reader’s heart.


Jacob is a man to fear as he has killed before and chances are high he will do it again. One operation gone badly leads him to the one woman destined to change his live.

Gracie is an artist and orphan who has spent her life alone. Witness to the one person she loved in the world dying, she is unprepared for the changes her life is about to undergo.

Jacob saves Gracie's life, but if you were to ask him, the opposite would be true. When the job pulls him away, all Jacob works towards is getting back to his lady. Gracie gives up on waiting and starts her life anew, but with one reminder of the man she loves.

Jacob is a big bear of a man no woman could resist. Gracie is such a soft soul, but she does not stay that way. Wishes is a beautiful love story with the perfect ending, and Jacob is the cherry on the top when the tough guy begins talking to his unborn child.


Bob and Weave are twins, but they are nothing alike and the outside appearances are deceptive, to say the least. It will take special ladies to pick these two men up and set them on the path to happiness.

Lily and Kera are the strong women who are selected for the job. The ladies will need to stay strong and hang on to find an everlasting future with the twin of their choice.

It is time for some happiness for the twins, but to find happiness, they will have to face the past and come away stronger. Lily and Kera will have the fight of their lives, but if they hang on, they will find a love of a lifetime.

The story of Bob and Weave is heartbreaking. The two women who choose them are strong women determined to get their man.

A Secure Heart is built around the members of Smith Security and the love stories for each member is something altogether unexpected. The twists Charity Parkerson puts into her love stories make them unique and all the more real. The words emotional rollercoaster are the best words to describe the lives unfolded in the pages of this outstanding book. Every page incited some strong emotion, which, at times, makes the reader weep for the pain, laugh out loud at the insanity, and smile with joy. A Secure Heart is a beautiful symphony of love stories to warm the most hardened heart and provide the hope of love.

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