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White Pines Series
Book 1: Secret Flames
Book 2: Heat of the Moment
Book 3: A Raging Fire

White Pines Series, Book 3
ISBN# 978160775348
November 2012
Ravenous Romance
173 Pages
Gay, Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Joey Silva is the temporary and recently assigned Deputy Chief who needs to show he can take the lead. Gil is the young impressionable volunteer firefighter who is unable to take his eyes off the burly Joey. Nick is looking for a place rest his weary soul and hide a secret burden he can hardly bare. Unfortunately, someone knows his secret and the skeletons in his closet are looking for the chance to escape.

All three men will face the test of their lives on and off the job. All three will make choices no one could ever predict and just maybe find the true path for their lives.

With the town set ablaze Joey must figure out what the men in his life really mean to him and whether true love can survive the light of a fire.

A Raging Fire is a rush of emotion. The readers will love, hate, and love to hate Joey but soon realize there is more behind the big burly man. The cast of characters each offer a shade to the mural of this sizzling hot story. Taking the point of view of each character is a stroke of genius and enables the reader to clearly understand the soul of each character. I highly recommend A Raging Fire and a visit to White Pines.

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