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The Gentleman of Scotland Yard Series

Book 1: An Affair with Mr. Kennedy
Book 2: A Dangerous Liaison With Detective Lewis
Book 3: A Private Duel With Agent G

The Gentleman of Scotland Yard, Book 3
ISBN# (13) 9781451629064
27 November 2012
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Historical Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Cate Willoughby is not like most ladies of her time. She is Catriona de Dovia prima ballerina of the French Ballet. The adventuring spirit seems to run in her family, especially when it comes to her anarchist-supporting brother, Eduardo. Thinking him dead after a Spanish plot gone badly, now she has news that not only Eduardo may be alive and imprisoned, but his fate rests in her ability to cooperate with anarchists bent on creating havoc for England.

Phineas Gunn never expects to see Cate Willoughby again, after his part in a plot that ends in her brother’s death. Nobody says being a government agent is an easy profession, but Finn wears intrigue like a well fitting suit. His turbulent past has left him with a host of idiosyncrasies and symptoms that baffle medical science. Lately, he has even turned to quack doctors, peddling Dr. Freud’s new fangled ideas.

Now Finn’s mission involves getting close to Cate. Discovering her ties to her brother’s anarchist organization, he seeks answers before it is too late. Unfortunately for Finn, Cate is the one woman who can throw him completely off his game. Her independent streak, tendency to keep secrets and penchant for mischief is as endearing as it is annoying. Cate wants only to save her brother. It does not take long for Finn to realize that any mission of Cate’s is his primary objective.

This delightful third installment of Ms. Stone’s Gentleman of Scotland Yard series is a carefully woven tale of love and intrigue. Readers will enjoy the quick-witted, independent Cate, while falling head over heels for Finn’s flawed and yet heroic personality. These books need not be read in any specific order, though readers who have kept up with the previous ones will enjoy seeing their favorite characters again. A thoroughly good read, well worth picking up!

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