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The Asphodel Cycle Series Book #4
ISBN#: 9781601982260
July 2009
Aspen Mountain Press
432 Pages
Fantasy, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tamsen Ka’antira is the Elven Queen. Accompanied by her steadfast husband as well as a group of loyal followers who are helping her on her journey she is determined to complete her quest. The fate of the world as it is known sits squarely on her shoulders.

Brial knows nothing stronger than his love for his wife, except possibly for the strength of her magic. What is a man to do when it is his wife’s destiny to save the world or die trying?

The world is in danger and although most are unaware, Tamsen is fully aware and determined that she will be the one to stand and prevent world destruction. Will her and her supporters prove successful or is fate running against them?

Celina Summers has created an absolutely stunning world. The different locations in the story show a lush world of wonder and magic, some good and some bad. The action scenes are amazing and the magic was dazzling. The cast of character building in the story is strong and allows the reader to become involved in their world and feel like one of the gang. Apostle of Asphodel will transport the reader to a different time. Take a trek across a world of magic and a journey that will truly bring the reader pleasure.

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