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ISBN: 978-1-61372-160-5, 978-1-61372-161-2 (EB)
September 2011
Dreamspinner Press
224 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The best stress relief in the world, as far as Jesse Ross is concerned, comes at the hands of his Master. The days of their easy and uncomplicated D/s relationship are numbered, however, and Jesse’s perfectly balanced house of cards is about to fall.

From day one Will Anderson knew he would fall hard for his sub, but he wisely kept that to himself. A man with a girlfriend is not the best bet for a partner, and Will can only hope that someday his turn will come.

He has known Adele for so long that Jesse always just assumed they were forever, but since his introduction to Will, Jesse is no longer sure of where he stands with anything. The completion he feels with Will is more extraordinary than anything he has ever experienced, but Jesse has never identified himself as gay. Will wants Jesse in his life in every way, but he is not about to force Jesse into a relationship he is not ready for. He might be Jesse’s Master, but there is no command he can give to make the man love him.

Jesse and Will are such beautiful young men inside and out that you cherish every moment of their commitment to each other. Whether it is their D/s relationship or their burgeoning partnership, you are as swept up in their feelings for each other as they are. The BDSM scenes range from light and teasing to powerful and potent, and every step in between is a pure seduction of the senses. I love the closeness you feel with characters like these, and I will certainly look forward to more from Anna Martin.

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