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Toke Lobo & The Pack
Book 1: Moonlight Serenade
Book 2: And Jericho Burned

Toke Lobo & The Pack, Book 2
February 2015
Soul Mate Publishers
297 Pages
Paranormal, Romance, Shifter, Werewolves
Rating: 2 Cups

Lucy is leading a life out of control. Her sister asks her to visit, but fails to mention her sister’s husband is a whack job with a god complex. She finds a savior in Stoker, but is in the dark regarding his culture. She will do anything to save her sister; even pick the lesser of two perceived evils.

Stoke is shocked when he discovers his mate, but not as shocked as her connection to a cult. Stoker must fight his beta, pack, and his very nature to become more than delta and to save his mate because he could do no other.

The second coming of the burning of Jericho is at hand. No one is guaranteed to live, and when the smoke clears only the strong will survive.

And Jericho Burned was an interesting read. I was unable to become invested in the characters. I found Stoker weak with his insisting because as delta he is not meant to think. What man cannot think for himself? Even the weakest ones? The storyline is interesting but gets lost in all the beta, delta, and omega stuff which diminished each character for me. I found I had no interest in reading anymore of the series.

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