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ISBN# 9781611243161/9781611249040
August 2012
Amber Quill Press
E Book/Paperback
169 Pages/128Pages
Romantic Suspense Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

Romance author, Kara Sutton, cannot remember the last few weeks of her life. A mysterious ‘accident’ has happened on her Mediterranean Cruise trip, causing amnesia. Now she is back on the cruise, hoping that it will force her memory to come back, but her self-appointed protector is making things more a fantasy then reality.

Prince Gregory of Cinmarron believes that, just before the accident, Kara witnessed something related to the drug ring, which is a blight on his small island nation. It is imperative she regains her memory, but not everything if he can help it.

Prince Gregory is everything Kara has ever written about romantic leads in her books. His attention is making her giddy and attracted to him, but an inexplicable sixth sense tells her something is amiss. Either he knows her from her last trip, or he has an ulterior motive. Gregory, on the other hand, is determined to keep close to her, even if it means giving up his duty and loyalty to his lands. With an assassin on board, will Gregory be able to keep her safe and in his arms when she regains her memory, or will he lose her?

A delightful read. A handsome prince you dream about and the amnesiac author who is very perceptive, add to it a drug ring, assassin and an unexpected villain. I love the romance between the two and the interactions. The author tries to keep as much mystery as possible regarding Kara’s accident and Gregory’s motive make it hard for you to put the book down before knowing it all. I love, absolutely love, the ending, especially how Gregory saves the day. Who does not love a savage prince willing to do anything to save his love? In addition, Kara is a strong independent woman with an active imagination, especially when thinking some bits of her memory may be a plotline for her next book. Personally, I would have preferred some more action, but nonetheless, I highly recommend this to everyone who likes light mystery with soft romance.

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