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ISBN#: 9781595788399
Liquid Silver Books
E Book
60 pages
Rating: 3 cups

Conleth Douglas is a vessel for a warlock guide named Cole. Ten years ago, Conleth/Cole tried to rid the town of Douglasville, Missouri of an evil force inhabiting the town and failed. Now he is back, and he has brought trouble with him.

Emterra “Emma” Azzurra was devastated at losing her lover, her friend and her soul mate, Conleth. She went on with her life and became mayor of their small town. She is a vessel for a witch called Irene, but she refuses to tap into Irene’s power.

The evil followed Conleth/Cole back from the depths. This soul-sucking, life-taking promise maker is determined to ruin the town of Douglasville. Conleth/Cole needs Emma/Irene’s help to get rid of this trouble, but Emma is not aware of the magical soul inside her. Never mind that Conleth looks exactly as he did when he disappeared ten years ago while Emma has continued to age. Conleth/Cole has his work cut out for him as he convinces Emma that he is really the love of her life, and that her powers will help him save their town.

I love books about magical beings and this one was no different. The thrill of seeing two people battle evil never goes away. It was a little rough going when the book began, because I had a hard time with the general understanding of the story. Once I got a grasp on the structure, I held on as I was swept away in the beautiful adventure Ms. Shay took me on.

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