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ISBN# 9781628302110/9781628302103
April 2014
The Wild Rose Press
186 Pages
Paranormal, Werewolves/Shapeshifters
Rating: 5 Cups

Werewolves in London

Vonda has been different her entire life. The change during her teenage years left her separate from the family who fostered her and the wolf caused her husband to flee. Then she meets Tom.

Tom has no idea there is a beast which lurks in his world and is closer than he could ever imagine. Unimaginable fear forces Tom to look at his life and make some major changes.

Vonda has never known a pack, and her interdiction does not endear them to her. She will do whatever it takes to make Tom and his little girl safe; even mate him. Of course things are not always as easy as they appear.

Tom is a special man, but in this story Vonda is the hero. I loved her need to protect even though her world was changed. The characters were outstanding and the storyline moved smoothly. I never wanted the story to come to an end.

Wolf Mates

Margie is the odd woman out in a world where men are usually the leaders. Now her mate has stumbled onto her territory with nefarious intent, but she is an alpha and always will be one.

Zane is under the control of a crazy man. His powers as an alpha are suppressed but meeting his mate gives him hope for the first time.

Zane’s past has come to call and it is not asking permission. A strong alpha and a little bit of magic will make the difference between life and death.

Margie is an excellent heroine and I thought it was a rare story which leaves the female in charge. The unique ideas of Ms. Bentley offer the reader a different type of alpha wolf love story.

I absolutely adore the characters of After the Moon Rises. The writing of Ms. Bentley is unique and shows no fear in stepping outside the norm of shifter romance. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories of Vonda and Margie.

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